Wedding Car Hire in Meadowbank for your perfect day

Audi Style Limousines is dedicated to offering the best in wedding car hire in Meadowbank. Weddings can be stressful, and there are a lot of things to worry about. However, when you ride with us, one thing you won’t be worrying about is whether you will be getting to church on time. Not only that, our range of luxury vehicles will ensure you get to the church relaxed, happy, and in comfort. Let us take care of logistics and travel, and simply sit back and get ready to enjoy the most memorable day of your life.

We have everything from sports cars to sedans for your wedding. Our car hire services in Meadowbank are second to none. Our flagship product, the Stretch Audi Q7, will grab your guest’s attention when you arrive. Our Stretch Jeep, will ensure you make a big impact at your venue. After all, on a day as important as your wedding day, why wouldn’t you want everyone to know who the special person is? Our range of Chrysler 300C limos however, are for those who want prefer to travel with an air of understated elegance.

As well as our limos, we stock a range of normal-sized, luxury wedding cars for hire in Meadowbank. Whether they are for your guests, or yourself. These cars offer a different mode of transport to your wedding, but an equally luxurious one. We have a range of cars on offer for just such an occasion, ranging from our high-performance sports Audi R8 V8 and Audi S5 Cabriolet, to our Dual Audi Q7’s and the Chrysler Sedan that project an air of presence.

As well as having a huge range of wedding car hire vehicles in Meadowbank, we offer some other great ideas to help you create long-lasting and happy memories on your big day. Are you a wild child? Or perhaps you just like to make a big impact at whatever function you are attending? If this is the case, then look no further than our escort bikes. These bikes are the perfect addition to your wedding, and will ensure you arrive in style, turning heads as you go. Whether you want 1 bike, or a whole fleet, ASL will deliver. The bikes themselves make a great addition to any wedding photo. You already have the perfect vehicle, now make your day just that little bit more special. Talk to ASL today for the perfect luxury vehicle solution for your wedding day.